What Lies Beneath

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In a landscape project, it is what lies beneath that is crucial yet is often where much of the cost and time is spent. It is also what separates a good landscaper from a bad landscaper and it is often well after the garden is completed when inferior foundations are revealed.

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DIY weed killer - Boiling water is the most simplest method to kill those persistent weeds, but make sure not to douse your plants - or burn yourself


Riversdale Rd Hawthorn

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We’re excited to be selected to design and construct the Body corporate front garden for 109 Riversdale Rd. We’re designing a native natural relaxed space utilising reclaimed sleepers and a concealed architectural letterbox design that will add a talking point to the finished design. Stay tuned for the next upadte..


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Making your own garden compost is a lot easier than most people realize. With a simple heap you can recycle most of your organic household and garden waste and enrich your garden’s soil at the same time. It’s also an extremely satisfying way to help the environment.

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Lawn Care – your essential guide

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No matter the size of your garden a healthy green lawn can make a children’s play area or a garden ‘carpet’. Yes they do take work but the rewards are worth it if you follow a few guidelines and don’t expect your grass to look like a bowling green!

In these times of water restrictions, lawns sometimes have to be left to ‘do it tough’, but by choosing a drought-hardy variety of turf, you can still have a turfed area that you’re proud to display

Learn how to feed and care for your lawn to ensure your grass is healthy and the envy of all your neighbours

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Spring has Sprung in 2013

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Spring really is the most appropriate name for our current season. In Melbourne, the first signs of appear seemingly overnight; trees that were previously bare-branched acquire a coat of light green buds, a daffodil appears where you’re sure there was nothing yesterday, and blossoms open like a well-rehearsed chorus line. Then, amazingly, the whole process speeds up ever more. Trees suddenly have all of their leaves and entire flower beds are full of colour and we realise the earth is fully awake.

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