If we can't double the savings year on year from our recommendations, its on the house.

More often than not we are contracted to maintain a landscape that has been designed with little consideration to the cost of maintenance.

Poor plant selection, quantity and positioning of plants can cost thousands in unnecessary  maintenance fees.   This usually leads to a poorly managed garden that looks tiered and run down, which I’m sure no business wants to portray.

We are trained horticulture/design specialists that can assist in increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property whilst either reducing or keeping budgets the same.


Get us to consult with your designers ensuring the right plants and quantities are selected with a professional that maintains gardens every day.

Strata Managers

We’ll come out and asses your site and make recommendations to reduce the yearly cost of maintenance. If we can’t save you the value of consult fee, its on the house.


Do I get a quote?

The consultancy service is not a quote for work to be done. However if you require a quote for renovation works we’re happy to provide this.


Consultancy Fees

$250 per hour or part thereof.