Horticultural Services in Melbourne

As part of our care for the health of your garden, we offer full horticultural services including soil conditioning, plant selection advice and effective weed and pest control.

Soil Testing –from $165*

Healthy soil provides healthy plants. During this process our experienced horticulturist will identify soil’s deficiencies in structure and/or nutrients applicable to the plant species being introduced into your garden. The type of conditioner added depends on the current soil composition, climate, and the type of plants used. Some soils lack nutrients necessary for proper plant growth, and some hold too much or too little water. You spend a lot of money to buy your plants, so let us ensure that your investment is protected. See our factsheet for more information on why this is so important to a beautiful lush healthy garden.


Planting Plans – from $295

Planting new flora in your garden requires a great deal more thought than many novice gardeners and horticulturists realise. A planting plan will essentially map out what plants to put where, creating a landscape that optimises the resources you have available. This plan will take into consideration the specific amount of space available, the aspect, the soil conditions and the desired effect you want to achieve. It will graphically show the exact location, sizes and species of all new and existing plants within the garden.

Included on the plan is a plant schedule for easy reference. It lists both the botanical and common names of plants used, quantities and sizes. You will also receive a comprehensive plant reference sheet with thumbnail photos and easy to read descriptions on each plant to help you visualize the garden. This precise, easy to follow horticulture plan is ideal for the homeowner, designer, or landscape contractor to price and to lay plants out on site.


Weed & Pest Control

We can effectively identify and eliminate weed and pests within your garden by identifying the correct method for eradication. We also take a long term approach and suggest sustainable solutions that minimize the use of chemical sprays to reduce the time spent maintaining your garden.

To learn more about our horticultural services in Hawthorn, Malvern, Toorak, or other Melbourne suburbs, contact us now..