Spring has Sprung in 2013

By October 13, 2013 November 13th, 2013 Blog, Professional Articles

Spring really is the most appropriate name for our current season. In Melbourne, the first signs of appear seemingly overnight; trees that were previously bare-branched acquire a coat of light green buds, a daffodil appears where you’re sure there was nothing yesterday, and blossoms open like a well-rehearsed chorus line. Then, amazingly, the whole process speeds up ever more. Trees suddenly have all of their leaves and entire flower beds are full of colour and we realise the earth is fully awake.

Just as nature springs into action, so must gardeners. Chores neglected over the colder months must be done, weeding changes from an occasional job to a regular necessity, and mundane tasks like cleaning the barbeque must be undertaken. But in this rush of activity, it’s still important to take time to access and enjoy your garden. Take note of things like which plants are struggling to recover from the winter or where water is pooling in the spring rains, to better understand how your garden works and how to improve it. Whether your goal is saving water, reducing maintenance, or simply having a beautiful garden, quiet moments of observation and forward planning will help you get closer to them.


Kate Jordan

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