We’re not interested in following industry standards. Instead, we are game changers, challenging existing assumptions and creating more efficient ways to get things done.

We see all our gardens as an invaluable asset. Smart decisions to reduce Total Cost of Ownership whilst still improving the sites aesthetic appeal is what we do. Its no wonder we are emerging as the industry leader. Here are some of our strategies that we look at to drive better results for your clients and why its always better at Nicolas John Landscapes.

Smart Plant Selection

Horticulture knowledge and experience gives us the capability to drive significant cost savings in maintenance programs.

Lomandra Longifolia

Maintenance Cost Per Year = $10

Lomandra Confertifolia

Maintenance Cost Per Year = $3.50

Free Horticulture/Design Consultancy

Valued at $130 per hour.

We are well established and recognised horticulture and design specialists. You have access to these consultancy services for FREE,  that we normally charge at a rate of $130 per hour. Why do we do this for FREE? We are very proud of all our gardens we manage and this is what sets us apart.

Broken Solenoids We can manage an broken pipes before they become a major problem in flooding and huge water bills.

WIFI Irrigation Controllers

Smart Controllers and water management software saving as much as 50% on your water bill.

Local Weather Stations All our systems are optimised by pre set weather triggers using local weather stations and weather forecasts to automatically adjust the watering times of your irrigation zones.

Negative Space Beds

Very low maintenance and huge aesthetic lift.

Having open spaces with plant accents or incorporation with plants throughout create a very low maintenance garden and huge uplift in aesthetic appearance if executed correctly.

Herbicide Application

Although using Pre-emergent herbicides delivers a small cost saving,  the time to manage this area is reduced significantly which means less time on the job or opportunity to detail the site further and get better value every time.

Non Selective Herbicide

  • Kills only weeds visible
  • Non Selective Herbicide to 100m2 per annum
  • Frequency – 1-2 x Per Month
  • Spray Cost PA = $88

Pre-Emergent Herbicide

  • Stops weeds sprouting up to 6 Months
  • Non Selective + Pre Emergent Herbicide to 100m2 per annum
  • Frequency – 1x every 6 Months
  • Spray Cost PA = $66

Assessment Fee

Assessment Report

$ 250

Per Hour

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